Cooperative Assistance and Tax Credit fund grants

In the past few years, MCA has been pleased to be able to administer grant programs for new and expanding cooperatives. Funding for the Cooperative Assistance fund was provided through the Province of Manitoba, Housing and Community Development, while funding for the Tax Credit fund was provided through the generosity of the cooperative community who receive a tax credit in return for their contribution.  

Our funding for 2015-16 has been allocated.  There has not yet been funding confirmed for 2016-17 but if you sign up for our newsletter, you'll be sure to find out when the next intake will be.


The Cooperative Community Strategy Research Fund

Since 2012, the Province of Manitoba has offered funding through the Cooperative Community Strategy Research Fund. Funding is available to cooperative groups, non-profit and non-governmental organizations (NGO), community-based associations and academic institutions within Manitoba.

This program supports research projects that broadly affect Manitoba’s Cooperative Community within the outlined Strategic Objectives:

  1. Create a more supportive policy environment 

  2. Better awareness and understanding of cooperatives 

  3. Improving infrastructure supports and services for cooperatives

There is no new intake date planned as yet but keep an eye on this page for all the most recent funding news, sign up for our newsletter or visit the Province’s website to be the first to know.

Click here to view some of the research that has come out of the grant program so far.


Cooperative Promotions Board

The Cooperative Promotion Board (CPB) role is to promote, assist and encourage the co-op movement in Manitoba by way of small grants. The CPB draws on two funds to provide small grants (< $5,000) for a variety of activities. A General Account Fund supports the promotion and development of co-op organizations and the promotion of the general welfare of co-op organizations. The Commercial Fishing Account Fund is available exclusively to promote and develop commercial fishing co-ops in the Province. CPB operates under the terms of The Cooperative Promotion Trust Act which came into force on December 20, 1988. Members of the CPB are appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council. Currently, the CPB governance includes four representatives to their board.

Eligibility Criteria

Individuals, groups or co-ops interested in promoting or developing co-op enterprise in Manitoba may submit applications. For the 2015 year, the board will put priority on two key areas of focus when assessing grant applications. The board will review the key focus areas on an annual basis to ensure that the board is in step with the needs of the co-operative community.

Two Key Areas of Focus:

Engaging  Youth to Promote Awareness and Understanding of The Cooperative Model.  As an example, projects may include but are not limited to:

  • youth employment
  • mentoring to support youth cooperative leaders
  • resources for youth in schools or in the community to promote cooperative awareness
  • resources for teaching professionals to promote awareness
  • support for awards

Learning Events for Boards, Employees, Members and Youth

As an example projects may include but are not limited to:

  • for cooperative employees and boards: business and financial training
  • for members: general cooperative knowledge and new member resources
  • for youth: learning seminars and events

For more information, please see the Province's website.

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