The Manitoba Cooperative Association (MCA) Inc. is a provincial association of cooperative organizations, created by its' members to enhance and support the development of a united, growing and influential cooperative movement in Manitoba.

There are close to 400 co-ops in Manitoba.  These co-ops increase communities’ sustainable economic capacity and develop leadership and a stronger sense of community support.  Manitoba co-ops create economic opportunities for the disadvantaged, provide employment, build leadership skills, anchor wealth in the community and allow ordinary people to decide their destinies. 

The cooperative model provides all types of services in Manitoba, from banking to housing to fuel and groceries. MCA is creating a database of Manitoba co-ops to help showcase the various services that Manitoba co-ops provide and encourage consumers to support co-op.

We are looking for somebody with strong administration and communication skills and a good working knowledge of cooperatives to contact all Manitoba co-ops to populate this database on a consulting basis.  The successful candidate will be responsible for determining the best way to contact co-ops, garnering information, maintaining a spreadsheet of information and coordinating the technical launch of the database. 

Remuneration for the contract will be $3,500 with an expected completion date of June 30.  If you think you have the skills for the job, please contact us before March 15.


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